Twisted Hate (Edición En Inglés)

Twisted Hate (Edición En Inglés)

por Ana Huang

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Resumen de Twisted Hate (Edición En Inglés)

Twisted Hate (English Edition) by Ana Huang

Discover the addictive world of the Twisted series from TikTok sensation, Ana Huang! Immerse yourself in the captivating enemies to lovers romance of Twisted Hate.

Meet Josh Chen, a gorgeous, cocky, and ambitious soon-to-be doctor. With his charming personality, he has always had a way with women – except for one: Jules f**king Ambrose. This beautiful redhead has been a constant thorn in his side since the day they met, yet she also possesses a captivating power over his thoughts that no other woman has ever had.

When their animosity finally reaches its boiling point, an unforgettable night pushes them both to their limits. In an attempt to rid himself of her once and for all, Josh proposes an unconventional solution – an enemies with benefits arrangement, complete with simple rules: no jealousy, no strings attached, and absolutely no falling in love.

Twisted Hate is a steamy and enthralling story that will keep you hooked from beginning to end. Ana Huang’s writing will transport you into the complex world of these two strong-willed individuals as they navigate their intense attraction and struggle to resist the pull of love.

This novel, published by Abacus, showcases Huang’s talent for crafting compelling characters and delivering a gripping narrative. The captivating storyline, filled with intense emotions and sizzling chemistry, will leave you wanting more.

If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers romances and enjoy the thrill of forbidden love, Twisted Hate is the perfect book for you. Dive into this addictive tale and experience the rollercoaster of emotions as Josh and Jules navigate their complicated relationship.

Don’t miss out on this captivating novel that will have you eagerly turning the pages until the very end. Twisted Hate is a must-read for anyone who craves a steamy and emotionally-charged romance.

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Editorial: Abacus

Cantidad de páginas: 528

Año de publicación: 2022

ISBN: 9780349434339

Encuadernación: Tapa Blanda

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